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Diego and his mom, Jennifer, on the day they handed out “I Served” stickers and encouraged veterans receiving treatment at the VA Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.

“Words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey.” Sarah Fielding

One very special military boy, Diego, 8 years old, was determined to do something to make life a little brighter for the men and women who received care at the VA Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. And he did. In the words of his mother:

“Since we moved to Ft. Hamilton, Diego has been so curious about the veterans hospital.

It is a very tall building that we see daily when we enter and exit the base. He has asked many questions and made many comments. One really got me.

‘Maybe they are sad because they just have one leg and are looking at the window, wanting to go home.’

He asked me if we could go to the hospital and bring empanadillas for the veterans. (I know. This boy is pure gold!) I explained to him that they are very strict at the VA and that was a very cool idea but maybe we were not going to be allowed to do that.

We had been brainstorming when, driving one day around the neighborhood, we saw a sign that says: “Don’t forget our Veterans at the VA Hospital.” Diego once again reminded me that he wanted to go to the VA.


Honor. Respect. Remember. Healing words for those who wonder if their sacrifices are forgotten.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me info about a program that gives free Operation Homefront “I Served” stickers to veterans and asked me if I wanted some. Bingo!

I told myself, ‘I’m giving out those stickers at the VA, and putting a smile on those veteran’s faces. Period.’

I told Diego that I was going to contact the Volunteer Coordinator to ask for permission. We got a call a few days later that we were good to go! Diego was happier than a dog with 9 tails!

On our visit, where we passed out about 200 stickers, we saw a little bit of everything. We engaged in meaningful conversations with true heroes, talking to me and my son about world history. What can be better than that?

My heart is full today. We shook hands, handed them their stickers and thanked them for their service.

It was something so simple that made many people smile. I’m talking about people that have sacrificed so much so I can live free and happy in this great nation.

Anyone can do that. We don’t have to do great big huge gigantic things; just do what you can, when you can. Sometimes we might feel that what we do is a small drop in the ocean; but the ocean will be less because of that missing drop.

Thank you, my boy, for pushing “Mami” to do this and thank you Operation Homefront for all you do for our veterans and military families!”

Diego lives with his mom, dad and sister at Fort Hamilton, NY where his dad serves in the U.S. Army. Thank you to this wonderful family who live a life of service every day.

Find out more about our I Served sticker program that offers a variety of free stickers to recognize veterans for their service. View our Pinterest board that features pictures from friends who have received a sticker.


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