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We say it over and over and over in so many ways to as many people was we can: If you’re struggling with mental health issues, get help.

May is Mental Health Month. I consider destigmatizing mental health support a critical mission of Operation Homefront and every other organization that’s here to help our military families. But don’t take my word for it; listen to our greatest heroes.

Medal of Honor recipients are speaking out on this video, encouraging you to speak up if you need help. Don’t let the enemy win at home, they say. It’s one of almost 30 messages that are a part of the Medal of Honor — Speak Out! campaign.

Their wives are speaking out, too. They know what it’s like to watch their loved ones struggle. They understand that when warriors come home, they bring the war with them.

There’s a growing army of credible sources echoing the same message: Don’t be afraid to admit you need help, and don’t hesitate to get it.

There are more resources now than ever before. Service members and their families can use TRIAP for anonymous help online. There’s a Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline. There are mentoring programs like Operation Homefront Georgia’s Veterans to Warriors program.

A simple Google search will yield dozens of options for stressed families. The help is there. You just have to muster the courage to ask for it.

It may be the bravest thing you ever do.

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I think even celebrity guest Wendy Davis from Lifetime’s “Army Wives” was upstaged today. But I doubt she cared.

Wendy Davis of "Army Wives" presents the Military Motherhood Award to Robin Schoolfiled as OH CEO Jim Knotts looks on.

I imagine she was just as thrilled as everyone else when Maj. Sam Schoolfield, husband of Military Motherhood Award winner Robin Schoolfield, showed up at the luncheon in his wife’s honor. Sam is deployed to Afghanistan, and Robin had no clue he’d be there. They’ll get to enjoy some family time in the nation’s capital before Sam returns to duty.

Today Robin was recognized for her strength and perseverance as a Marine Corps wife. Thanks to Lockheed Martin, Operation Homefront was able to get her family to D.C. and present her with a check for $5,000. Thanks to TriWest, we were able to host a lovely luncheon. Thanks to Lifetime, we had an exceptional guest speaker.

And thanks to Sam’s command and all the folks who worked with us to get him there today, the Schoolfield family had a priceless reunion.

Maj. Sam Schoolfield, who is deployed to Afghanistan, surprised his wife Robin by showing up at the Military Motherhood Award luncheon.

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We’re so pleased to recognize Willie Banks III as this year’s Military Child Award winner.

Military Child Award winner Willie Banks III, 10, with his sister, Talana-Lynn, 6

You can read more about Willie on OH Online. Willie was one of almost 700 children from around the world nominated for the award. Readers voted him into the top five finalists along with Eric Lopez, Andrew Babb, Cavan McIntyre-Brewer and Brandon Schreckhise.

A panel of judges selected Willie as the final winner. The prize is $5,000 and a trip to Washington, D.C., to attend a special ceremony in his honor. You can read more about the award on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to Lockheed Martin and TriWest Healthcare Alliance for sponsoring this award.

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