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I live in a pop culture vacuum. I have two preschoolers who rule our remote with iron fists. So while I can recount in detail the latest throw-down between Dora the Explorer and the Grumpy Old Troll Who Lives Under the Bridge, I’m woefully behind on my celebrity news.

But I do know that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt seem to get ripped in the press a lot.  And that people refer to them as “Speidi,” which I think is fun.

But back to the ripping. I have to counter some of that. I don’t know the pair personally, but I’m very grateful to them. Last week, we asked them and everyone else we know to help us in the #AmericaWants campaign on Twitter. We were vying for a free, full-page ad in USA TODAY. To win, we needed to bring in the highest number of tweets.

Every time we asked, Heidi and Spencer quickly and enthusiastically helped out. We still don’t know the results, but we know that with each tweet Heidi and Spencer sent out on our behalf, retweets from their almost 2 million followers echoed through the twitterverse.

They did this even at the risk of alienating some followers, most of whom are young people who probably don’t have to think much about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So they not only helped us in our push for the ad we so desperately need, they turned the attention of almost 2 million people to the war, even if it was just for a few seconds.

Every second counts, as far as I’m concerned.

The Hollywood Hills are metaphorically millions of miles away from the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq; Heidi and Spencer helped bridge that distance. So I very sincerely thank them and everyone else who helped us out last week. We deeply appreciate the support.

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