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Everyone could use a do-over from time to time. By some the entries we received in our Memories Made contest, there are many who could also use a stockpile of band-aids, a GPS, and the number to the local search and rescue.

We asked you to share your unexpectedly funny stories of your best funny family memory, and, boy, some of these tales had us laughing and sympathizing at the same time. And wondering if you were the inspiration for Life of Pi, Land of the Lost, or Snakes on the Plane (or the boat, in one story).

Now, many of us, as military families, know the anxiety of being in a new place, meeting new people, and wanting to make a good first impression.  So earnest and excited, that we forget that mirrors can be our best friend.  Especially if we haven’t worn a dress and pantyhose in a while, and it’s our first visit to a new church, in a new town, with people we have never met before.  And the results, well….they can be memorable.  As they were for our winner, Misty:


Resume: makes an impression; great sense of humor.

Well, we were all four holding hands walking in excited to visit our new church.  We enter in, and this nice little older lady taps me on the shoulder.  I was excited thinking, “What what a warm welcoming!”

Much to my surprise, she was tapping me on my shoulder to inform me that the back of my dress was completely tucked into my hose.

Needless to say, I ran for the bathroom immediately.  As embarrassing (and funny to my husband and kids) as it was…I’m glad I was there with them to share that funny moment. We laughed about the fact that I strolled clear across a parking lot so proudly with them not having a clue I was putting on a show for the world.”

How would you like to be known forever as “that lady who flashed the entire congregation in the parking lot”…before they actually even know your name?  We know we’d probably want to run away and hide, and never go back, but since Misty is a great sport, we figure, why not the next best thing? Four plane tickets to anywhere in the 48 or Canada!

And may we suggest a cozy pair of pants for the trip?  Just a thought.

Congratulations to Misty and her family! Here’s to making some more memories!

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