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Find Murphy-Goode’s Homefront Red and snap a shot! And you could win a trip to Sonoma County, CA!

Murphy-Goode is supporting American troops and their families with a very special wine, 2011 Homefront Red. Proceeds from the sale of the wine will benefit Operation Homefront.

Get in on the action!

Go find a bottle of 2011 Homefront Red at your local retailer. Snap a picture of you with the wine and post it to our Facebook wall or Twitter page with the hashtag #GoodeTimes. We’ll take your photo, put it in a Facebook album and you can share with friends and family and ask them to vote. We’ll take the top 25 photos and pick a grand prize winner and two runner-up winners to receive $3000 in amazing prizes. But each of the top 25 will get something special just for being chosen. No purchase is necessary.

Grand Prize:  An amazing two-day/three-night stay at the Hotel Healdsburg in Healdsburg, CA in the heart of Sonoma County. The trip includes flights, lodging, car shuttle and $500 spending money and a special VIP tour of the Murphy-Goode winery and lunch with their Grill Sergeant at the vineyard.

The contest starts on Sept. 3 and ends at noon EDT on Sept. 10. Voting runs Sept. 12-17 and ends promptly at noon EDT, Sept. 17. After that, we’ll contact those who submitted the top 25 photos that got the most likes to fill out a quick questionnaire. We’ll post the winners on or about Sept. 24.

How to Enter:

  • Find or purchase a bottle of 2011 Homefront Red at a local retailer. If you can’t find any, you can request it by talking to a manager to see if they can purchase it.
  • Take a photo of yourself with a bottle of Murphy-Goode 2011 Homefront Red. Extra points for:
    • Creative scene/situation
    • Patriotic themes
    • Lots of people in the picture (no minors, please)
    • Clever captions
  • Submit your best photo on our Facebook wall, or tweet it to us @Op_Homefront. Use hashtag #GoodeTimes. Only one entry per fan or follower will be considered.
  • The entry period closes at noon EDT on Sept. 10. Next, on Sept. 12, we will post photos to a FB Photo Album. Send your friends, relatives, acquaintances to view the album and “like” their favorites.
  • The top 25 photos with the most “likes” will be eligible to win the top prizes. Each entrant in the top 25 must fill out a quick questionnaire so we can get more details to consider for the Grand Prize.

Who May Enter:

  • Anyone who follows us on Facebook or Twitter and is over 21 years of age can enter our Goode Times Photo Contest.

How To Win:

  • Find or purchase a bottle of 2011 Homefront Red at a local retailer. If you can’t find any, you can request it by talking to a manager to see if they can purchase it.
  • Take a photo of yourself (alone or with tons of friends) with the bottle of wine. Please make sure label is clearly visible. Please no minors in any photos.
  • Post your photo and comment/caption to the Operation Homefront Facebook wall or Twitter page. Use hashtag #GoodeTimes. Encourage your friends to vote for your photo to be chosen as one of the top 25 to be considered for the grand prize and additional prizes.
  • Once the contest closes, we’ll take the top 25 favorite photos and announce the winners within 7 days. Each entrant in the top 25 must fill out a quick questionnaire so we can get more details to consider for the Grand Prize. The top winners will be chosen independent of total likes. However, we will take into account the number of likes on each photo to help in the selection process.
  • Once selected, the winners will be contacted and will need to provide any remaining details related to their prizes and be willing to complete and send us a Giveaway (Signature of Requestor) form to verify identity.


  • Grand Prize: For the winner and one guest, a trip to Sonoma County (Healdsburg, CA) for an amazing 2-day/3-night stay at the Hotel Healdsburg in Healdsburg, CA. Includes flight, car shuttle, lodging and $500 cash for spending money (approximate value $2800) and a VIP tour of the Murphy-Goode Winery and lunc with the Grill Sergeant at the vineyard. We’ll work with your schedule and take care of the details of the trip.
  • Runner-up Prize: $300 gift certificate to Walmart.
  • Third Place Prize: $100 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.
  • All top 25 finalists will receive a complementary bottle of Murphy-Goode’s 2011 Homefront Red and Operation Homefront t-shirt.

 Click here for complete rules and details

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Everyone could use a do-over from time to time. By some the entries we received in our Memories Made contest, there are many who could also use a stockpile of band-aids, a GPS, and the number to the local search and rescue.

We asked you to share your unexpectedly funny stories of your best funny family memory, and, boy, some of these tales had us laughing and sympathizing at the same time. And wondering if you were the inspiration for Life of Pi, Land of the Lost, or Snakes on the Plane (or the boat, in one story).

Now, many of us, as military families, know the anxiety of being in a new place, meeting new people, and wanting to make a good first impression.  So earnest and excited, that we forget that mirrors can be our best friend.  Especially if we haven’t worn a dress and pantyhose in a while, and it’s our first visit to a new church, in a new town, with people we have never met before.  And the results, well….they can be memorable.  As they were for our winner, Misty:


Resume: makes an impression; great sense of humor.

Well, we were all four holding hands walking in excited to visit our new church.  We enter in, and this nice little older lady taps me on the shoulder.  I was excited thinking, “What what a warm welcoming!”

Much to my surprise, she was tapping me on my shoulder to inform me that the back of my dress was completely tucked into my hose.

Needless to say, I ran for the bathroom immediately.  As embarrassing (and funny to my husband and kids) as it was…I’m glad I was there with them to share that funny moment. We laughed about the fact that I strolled clear across a parking lot so proudly with them not having a clue I was putting on a show for the world.”

How would you like to be known forever as “that lady who flashed the entire congregation in the parking lot”…before they actually even know your name?  We know we’d probably want to run away and hide, and never go back, but since Misty is a great sport, we figure, why not the next best thing? Four plane tickets to anywhere in the 48 or Canada!

And may we suggest a cozy pair of pants for the trip?  Just a thought.

Congratulations to Misty and her family! Here’s to making some more memories!

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If lightsabers came out at YOUR last family get together, we want to hear about it. And if it was only wiffle bats you pretended were, that’s cool too.

If you have a story about a family gathering that begins with “This one time..” or “No Lie..true story..” and ends with laughing so hard it hurts, submit it to our Memories Made contest. Fame (or infamy) AND 4 plane tickets could await those brave enough to send us a photo and quick essay of your best funny family memory.  We want to see a vintage or unexpectedly clever family photo that shows good memories or captures an especially funny moment in the life of your family…and a story about your family to go with it.

We will pick one winner to receive four free plane ticket vouchers to take a trip to visit family and make more memories. Important note: Flights MUST be booked by June 6, 2013 and actual travel completed by June 6, 2014. See details below.

How to Enter:

  1. Pick a photo, any photo, that shows one of your great family moments. We won’t exclude any photo as a potential winner but we’re looking for photos that are vintage in nature (1960s, 70s, 80s, etc.) or capture a funny moment in the life of your family. Only one photo/entry per fan, please.
  2. Next, write a quick essay/story that relates to the photo and shares a memory your family made that was funny or crazy or where something went wrong that you can laugh about now. Please keep essays to 150 words or less. Stories that relate to your life as a military family are great!
  3. Post it on the Operation Homefront Facebook page…include the words “Memories Made” somewhere in the message. Or you can email it to socialnet@operationhomefront.netDEADLINE: Noon CST, on Wednesday, May 15! 
  4. Watch and enjoy other moments as they come in and wait to see who the winner is…it could be you!

How To Win:

• We’ll close the contest at noon CST on Wednesday, May 15. We’ll have a winner chosen within 24 hours and will post the results on our Facebook page once we have them.

Rules and Guidelines for Memories Made Essay/Photo Contest

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