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(by fourth-grader & military kid Nate Richards. Help recognize kids like Nate by nominating them for our 2013 Military Child of the Year award at www.militarychildoftheyear.org)

My mom says don’t blink because you will miss something.  Like a great home run, a life or a summer. I didn’t want to miss any of the action in our house.

Summer started and we went cross country to Virginia. We needed to get our house fixed up and cleaned, because my Dad was coming home in July from a long deployment! The grass was so high you couldn’t see my sister, Isabelle. Mom cleaned the house while I cut grass. Those few weeks went fast and Isabelle and I had a great idea on how to help military kids in Virginia. We collected about ten bags of school supplies for Operation Homefront Virginias. It was really neat to see and meet Ms. Carol Berg (Executive Director for Operation Homefront Virginias).

Finally, reunion day came. We left for the ship in a flash and they had crafts set up and I met some new kids from the ship. I shared my blog with them. They were excited to see their Dads too. As the ship was pushed in by the tugs, I noticed a giant sign hanging on the side. I wondered what it was.

We all got ready to go on the pier to find my Da Da and I wanted to see the sign and what it said. We went through the gate and I spotted Da Da! There he was! I started running, but Bella beat me to him. I launched myself forward and landed right on him. It was more exciting than anything!

Nate and his sister Isabelle hug their dad after many months apart.

Then my Dad said, “Did you see the sign?” I said “yes, but what’s it say?” Da Da took me down by the sign and I was surprised by what it said — BRAVO ZULU NAVY MILITARY CHILD OF THE YEAR! It was the first time I had seen my Dad since I won the award. I could see how proud he was of me and it made my heart swell with joy!

This sign was on display as Nate’s father’s ship came in!

We went home only for a day and then left on our celebration trip. We went to my aunt’s and spent the week at the beach in N.H. Then we went to Disney World. I got to show my Dad that I wasn’t afraid of Space Mountain. Dad was really proud that I am conquering my fears. Then Dad took me on the rock-n-roll roller coaster. I loved it! It launches you forward and the music blasts! We ate dinner at the castle and a bunch of other cool restaurants. I got see my favorite character Donald Duck and Isabelle told Driselle I wanted to marry her, which I don’t !!!!

We had to leave and it was really sad because we had to go back to California and Dad had to go back to the ship. It was already time for school.

Fourth grade is amazing! Our room is basically a library. We have books on almost every wall. It is a dream come true. My teacher, Ms. Jones, is very passionate about the homeless people. We are doing a lot of studying about what it is like for them. The Anti-Bullying committee changed because we have a new principal. His thoughts on Anti-Bullying are way different than last year. So I just have to work harder to get the word about Anti-Bullying out. My blog will have to be my only platform for now.

So, now that I am caught up on being a fourth grader, I am learning new ways to promote my anti-bullying platform and supporting other military kids. You should be hearing from me more.

Just remember. Don’t blink because you might miss your life, because TIME FLIES!

(Nate Richards is the recipient of our 2012 Navy Military Child of the Year award. You can read more about him at his blog — natethegreatamilitarybrat. He represents the enthusiasm, determination and hope seen in military kids everywhere. Help recognize kids like Nate by nominating them for our 2013 Military Child of the Year award at www.militarychildoftheyear.org)

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