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The Patriotic Newborn

Many speculate what goes on inside the mind of babies. Can they be instinctively patriotic? We have to wonder after seeing this photo come through and win our photo contest. Skyler, the baby of Caleb and Laura Enright, saluted with his dad in a very special photo at the tender age of two weeks. It’s that salute that captured the hearts of our Facebook fans, winning it first place in Operation Homefront’s 10,000 Minutes of American Moments photo contest.

The journey the Enrights had taken to get to the treasured moment in this photo was unique, but for military families, all too typical. Maybe that’s why it resonated with the fans.

Caleb and Laura met three years ago, becoming great friends right away. Within seven months, they were a couple and a year later, they were pregnant with their first son. Caleb, desiring to support his new family, asked Laura to be his wife, then joined the Navy.

So Caleb headed to boot camp. Laura was seven months pregnant at the time. As is typical with military families, their new baby boy arrived while Daddy was away…four days before Caleb’s Navy graduation. Skyler came into this world with a collapsed lung but the baby wasn’t about to give up. He made it out of NICU in two days and Laura, the new baby and Laura’s parents headed to Illinois for Caleb’s graduation ceremony.

From that point on, their life enjoyed a series of American Moments in a very short time. Caleb graduated strong…as the Recruit Chief Petty Officer. He was reunited with his fiancée. He met his son for the first time and one week later, they were married. That’s when the photo was captured…at the courthouse right before the wedding ceremony.

You can say a lot of things about newborn babies. And many can speculate if young Skyler knew exactly what he was doing when he saluted with his daddy on his wedding day. We’d like to think that at this special snapshot in time and with one swift movement of his hand, he showed his pride for his daddy, his country and his family who had taken an all-too-typical journey among military families.

Operation Homefront is so proud of the Enrights as they continue on their American journey. Skyler is now a big brother to baby Oliver (shown below). Caleb is at his first command on the USS Benfold in San Diego and he was just recently awarded the Navy and Marine Achievement Medal.

We’d also like to thank all of the families who entered our American Moments contest. So many heart-warming and heart-breaking moments were shared with us. We wish every family the very best!

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