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We all know what kids do leading up to Christmas. They make a list. They check it twice. It really doesn’t matter if they are naughty or nice. And mom and dad usually cough up the goods. This year’s Duracell Toy Report shows the gifts kids want are getting more expensive – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Do kids really appreciate what they get? Maybe. Based on what I’ve discovered about gratitude, probably not.

I was given the most beautiful gift a while ago. What made it special was who it came from and when it arrived. One summer day, I was home visiting my parents and went to church with them on sunday. A woman, who didn’t have much, walked up to me and gave me an amethyst ring. She said quietly, “I remembered that you liked my ring and I wanted to give it to you.”

What she didn’t know is that I had been struggling … financially and emotionally. I was humbled, somewhat embarrassed and so grateful. I had witnessed giving from the most generous place in a person’s heart at a time I really needed it. As a result, I was changed.

This woman’s simple unselfish act stirred something within me and taught me a couple things about gratitude:

  • It feels better to give to someone who is truly grateful.
  • You can’t be truly grateful until you’ve suffered through something.

One doesn’t have to look too far to find a group of people who have suffered many losses. Consider the brave men and women who serve in our country’s military. Their bravery comes at a price – loss of time with family, loss of health, loss of relationships, loss of a home, car or basic needs and sometimes, sadly, loss of life. If these soldiers suffer through so much, you can bet they are truly grateful for what they are given.

When you donate to Operation Homefront, something unique happens. Gratitude becomes not an act but a positive cycle. You show your thanks by giving to someone who has endured loss. That person not only needs the gift, but also the quiet thanks that come with it. After all these men and women have suffered, it is certain they will deeply appreciate it. That’s the kind of giving that touches the best place in anyone’s heart.

Thank you for supporting Operation Homefront.

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